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amoCRM is the worlds first messaging-powered CRM. Get more B2B leads and manage their sales operations better. Try amoCRM and achieve these benefits:

— managers remember about each client
— the owner controls everything online
— business runs smoothly

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The introduction of amoCRM’s business is an integrated automation of processes related to sales and interaction with customers on the basis of AMO CMP. Today, more and more companies are moving to centralized and systematized sales management. And rightly so! If you still have sales in excel, it is likely that:

  • your data is scattered across different systems;
  • management of the sales department exists in the «manual» mode;
  • you must constantly control everything yourself;
  • you are confused about sales figures;
  • you lose control of employees;
  • and so on, you can continue yourself the list of problems.

Definitely it can be argued that in such cases, sales management without CRM leads to managerial errors that can be very expensive. Sales Management System (amoCRM) helps:

  • automate sales management and simplify sales force control;
  • record all applications and calls from the site, by phone, by e-mail, in messengers;
  • know which ad channel brings more customers at the lowest price;
  • to work correctly with the client base to increase the profitability of transactions;
  • to increase the productivity of managers and the quality of work with clients;
  • automate the setting of mandatory tasks at each stage of the funnel;
  • free up your time and staff time on those actions that bring in money!

You will be able to control managers, listen and estimate calls, track the history of client communication (messaging, phone calls, letters, social network), to determine the most efficient managers to distribute applications to sales automatically, to remind customers about new products, make additional sales (up-sale and cross-sale) and damn make it easier for yourself and employees life.

Why precisely amoCRM?

AmoCRM is the leader of the Russian cloud CRM systems market because:

  • over 300,000 users;
  • over 100,000 installations;
  • more than 1,000 partners; annual event for 25,000 people;
  • The system is recognized as CRM №1 in Russia and now achieve the recognition worldwide.

This is confirmed by a huge client base of users, a strong partner network and a large number of widgets. The system itself is flexible and easy to learn with a clear interface. It will allow you to focus on transactions and work with clients, automate key and repetitive processes.

Our company is a certified amoCRM implementation partner, the staff includes specialists who have completed the training program. We offer turn-key CRM implementation services with the integration of all existing tools and extensions.

Benefits of implementing amoCRM

Centralized data management, customer base segmentation, automation routines allow the company to implement a CRM system to increase sales by 20% or more. Therefore, investment in the project more than just positive effect. Here are the benefits and advantages that mark our clients using the system:

  • the quality of customer service in the company improves;
  • you can immediately calculate the most productive managers and those who are «hack;»
  • reduced sales department sales of non-core functions (paperwork, notifications, drawing up contracts, preparing reports, etc.);
  • the number of repeat sales increases (the manager does not forget to offer a related product, the system reminds him);
  • The CRM system shows which of the clients makes a profit, and who spends time — you can focus on customers that are profitable for you;
  • You can decompose the commercial goal into daily tasks — how many calls, meetings and offers the employee must make in order to achieve the company’s annual goal of revenue.

If your sales team is more than 1 person, then you should already think about automation of management, accounting and control. Make decisions based on evidence, rather than personal opinions of managers (customers are not the ones, the product is not like that, etc.). Today, competition in all market segments is intensifying, the introduction of a CRM system increases the competitiveness of the company.

Stages of implementation amoCRM

Integration of amoCRM into the sales department consists of several stages. The default setting includes:

Analysis and briefing. We investigate the processes of the sales department and make a description on the principle of as is / as to be. We describe the current situation and how it should be after the completion of the project. Fill in the questionnaire indicating the stages of the sales funnel and a description of the fields.

Account setup. We create an account through a partner office for receiving discounts on licenses in the future. We register the administrator, perform basic settings inside CRM to get started.

Registration of cards of the company, transaction and contact. You get a card in this form and with a set of characteristics and fields that are required for your occupation.

Creating individual fields. For example, if you need to add specific fields for a company or important product characteristics.

Installation of sales funnels. Customize sales steps that need to be monitored. amoCRM gives statistics for each stage. You can track where to improve the results. For example, if you see that the majority of clients fall off at the stage of sending a control, then this is a signal to improve the control and the script for the subsequent call of the control manager after dispatch.

Rules for the distribution of applications. If the contact is assigned to the manager, then the new application falls on him. All new applications are sent to the administrator if automatic distribution rules are not established.

Installation of roles and user access, user registration with assignment of access levels. Sales staff and managers are given different levels of access to data. We also prohibit unloading the customer base so that an employee cannot download it on a USB flash drive and leave the company with all the ins and outs.

Transfer of the counterparty database. If you have a database of contacts and contractors, we transfer it with grouping by type and tags so that you can get started right away.

Adding autotasks for events and sales funnel with the movement of the transaction in stages. The manager must complete the task in the system so that the transaction proceeds to the next stage.

What each project includes:

IP telephony. The plug-in service, perform necessary settings. This also includes setting the rules of call distribution. Calls that fall within the CRM are distributed to the responsible managers. In the card transaction gets the audio recording of the call — disassemble the phone calls, the reasons for failure, the best speech engines at the weekly meeting of the sales Department.

The integration of e-mail addresses of staff for correspondence with clients from amoCRM. The employee may answer letters of clients directly from the CRM system.

Web site integration (landing page) and request forms. All applications enter the system with automatic assignment of responsibilities and a new task — «Contact customer». Set tags for each form, so you can track the effectiveness of feedback forms website.

Configuring widgets. In the system there are many widgets that extend the functionality and capabilities. Depending on the objectives of the client we set up a set of widgets. Here are the most popular widgets:

  • automate the workflow for creating a standard document template with automatic dimensioning details;
  • widgets social. networks for message processing in the CRM system;
  • widgets callback and online chats;
  • widgets sms and e-mail notifications (e.g., by date or funnel stage);
  • widgets build sales scripts and so on.

Training working with amoCRM after the introduction of the online session for the sales Department and CSO. Conduct a demonstration of the interface for skype, answer questions, show the settings at amo crm. If necessary, leave for the advice of the Manager and the sales Department.

But that’s not all. Technical support for 1 month. We are the only official partner of amoCRM, which provides customer support after the integration of amoCRM for 1 month for free! Why a month? 1 month is enough for full development of the system by the sales Department and supervisor.

The cost of implementing amoCRM The final cost is the sum of the volume settings, the number of sites and sources of applications, diagrams telephony, the number of widgets, requirements for Analytics and so on.

AmoCRM integration project is starting from 500$.

Each project is discussed individually. By the way, there is a trial period of 2 weeks, in which the advanced rate affordable. If you need test access — please let us know.

What is the difference between basic and extended amoCRM tarifs: the base rate cannot be used the required fields digital funnel, put a sales plan for the managers and use web hooks that allow you to plug third party widgets. When you buy licenses through us, as official partner, give + 3 months. free. If you acquire the license amoCRM for 10 months, then use 13 months.

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